How To Start?  Call me  (928-225-7552) or email (val@starcalcgal.com) to set up an appointment.  You can have your entire reading over the phone if you like, and you are free to record the session for review and reference later on.  At your appointment, purchase a service below and I begin my work.


Horary Question

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Ask a specific question and I create a custom reading to answer it.  Up to 30 minute consultation.  Common questions include:  What Does He / She / They think of me?  Will my business/project succeed (in a certain timeframe)?  What was the real reason that (something) happened?  What will happen if I take this trip / job opportunity / surprising option?  This format can describe hidden details such as the type of person(s) involved in a situation, the types of measures that will be required for something to succeed, unseen obstacles that one may face, the locations of lost pets and objects, and more.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  Horary Questions are calculated like miniature Birth Charts, but in this case, it is not a person but rather the customer's question that is "born" when it is asked.  I use the exact time and place that you ask the question to calculate a chart that will describe elements of your Answer.  If you are phoning in or emailing your question, I use your physical location at the moment you submit the question.  NOTE: IF YOU THINK OF THE QUESTION BEFORE YOU CAN CALL ME OR SEND AN EMAIL, make sure to IMMEDIATELY record the time and place that you decided to contact me.  In my experience, this is the "real" birthtime and birthplace of such a question, for most accurate results.


Natal (Birth) Chart Reading

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This is a full reading of your life since birth, mapping milestones, crucial events, interceptions, transformations, family and professional life.  NOTE: REQUIRES ACCURATE BIRTH TIME WITHIN 4 MINUTES.  If your birth time is more than 4 minutes off, planets and other significant elements have moved too much to provide an accurate reading.  Check your birth certificate for the recorded time and birth location.  Up to 2-hour consultation.  Many things are visible in the overview of the Natal Chart, but fine-grained details may need to be addressed with separate, specific Horary Questions.